Radison Akerman
radison@rakerman.com  www.rakerman.com  linkedin.com/in/rakerman
Project Manager & Software Engineer @ University of Illinois Chicago
Aug 2021 - Present // Chicago, IL
  • •  Organized a team of 7 web developers working on over 10 large-scale, full-stack web applications
  • •  Developed and maintained custom full-stack web applications on Nuxt, Laravel, Vue/React, SQL, used by 3,000+ users
  • •  Integrated new project management software (Paymo) and maintained framework templates/documentation in Github
  • •  Single-handedly developed and published a Shibboleth (SAML SSO) to Express (Node.js) authentication package on npm
  • •  Drafted and enforced university IT policies and procedures, identified data risks across all 500+ faculty and staff
Software Engineering Intern, Starship Software @ SpaceX
May 2023 - Sep 2023 // Starbase, TX
  • •  Owned Starship Config Signoff, a critical flight reliability tool used by 100+ Starship engineers to validate 1M+ vehicle config values
  • •  Spearheaded development of 10+ features into Signoff: rebuilt Flask APIs, new SQLAlchemy query structure, refreshed React UI
  • •  Integrated a vehicle software verification Python script concurrently into SpaceY, a next-gen operations platform using Rust, Bazel
  • •  Built functioning UI mockups in Lit, CSS as part of Starship software deploys rework, participated in design conversations and CDRs
Digital Lead @ Steven Olikara for U.S. Senate
Apr 2022 - Sep 2022 // Milwaukee, WI
  • •  Completely rebuilt campaign website from the ground up using Nuxt, Tailwinds, visited by 1,000’s of Wisconsinites daily
  • •  Secured sensitive campaign data and digital infrastructure against cyber attacks using Cloudflare, NGP VAN, Informr
  • •  Worked with a team of web developers and content creators to rapidly push media; took photographs in the field
Software Engineering Intern @ University of Illinois Chicago
May 2021 - Sep 2021 // Chicago, IL
  • •  Maintained and redesigned a custom space-and-access management system using Laravel, Vue, SQL
  • •  Created new documentation and issue reporting standards with Atlassian Jira, Bitbucket, increasing readability by 3-fold
  • •  Presented projects to university admin and trained faculty/staff on application usage regularly (via MS Teams, Calendly)
Dev-Ops Intern @ Montel Technologies
Nov 2017 - Oct 2018 // Loves Park, IL
  • •  Lead front-end web developer on an enterprise-grade security unification solution (MTOP) utilizing Node.js, MongoDB
  • •  Configured mission-critical SLA networks and infrastructure in the field by installing switches, IP cameras, access control
  • •  Coordinated IoT devices R&D (Particle, Raspberry Pi, Cradlepoint) for use in 100’s of deployed edge policing units
University of Illinois Chicago
Aug 2020 - May 2024 (Anticipated) // Chicago, IL
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Business Administration; 4.0 GPA
Programming Languages
C, C++, Python, Java, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, F#, Go, SQL, Bash, HTML, CSS
Libraries & Frameworks
Node.js, Nuxt, Express, Flask, SQLAlchemy, Laravel, Vue, React, Tailwinds, Handlebars, Ghost
Tools & Platforms
Git, Cloudflare, AWS, MongoDB, Docker, Kubernetes, VMware, pfSense, Auth0, Stripe, Mailgun
Networking, Cloud computing, Concurrency, IoT, CI/CD, Automation, Full-stack development, Dev-ops, Cybersecurity
Exploding Chickens @ chickens.rakerman.com
  • •  A full-stack online card game built on Node.js with 1,250+ games played by 600+ players, led development and a team of 5
  • •  Delivered 3 300-level guest lectures at University of Illinois Chicago detailing project structure, MVC pattern, viewed by 300+
  • •  A centralized user management backbone leveraging edge cloud compute, built on Nuxt, Cloudflare Workers + KV, Auth0
  • •  Saved and analyzed 100’s of user profiles, API distributed for use across 10+ external services to keep profiles up-to-date
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